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Prolific Scientific Authour

“David Rowland is the foremost expert in holistic nutrition, author of 12 highly acclaimed health publications, innovator and publisher of Nutritiapedia®, creator of NutriBody® assessment, founder of The Canadian Nutrition Institute and the Edison Institute of Nutrition.

“David Rowland is no ordinary nutritionist.  He is a trailblazer and trendsetter.  Long before Organics were trending, he was teaching us about the impact of pesticides and soil depletion.  Prior to what has become common knowledge linking nutrition and our genes, he was one of the first to effectively address nutritional and biochemical individuality.  Well before mainstream began picking up on the importance of detoxification, or acknowledging the incidence of gluten sensitivity, or appreciating the legitimacy of leaky gut syndrome, the epidemic of inflammation underlying the majority of heart disease, or the infamous Candida connection now linked to many common health problems, Rowland was providing safe and effective holistic nutritional solutions for these and hundreds of other conditions.  He has always been steadfast in upholding and teaching the fundamentals of holistic nutrition and micronutrient supplementation but goes beyond to steer clear of the junk in order to provide you with sensible, easy to understand, and actionable solutions to your health concerns.”

– Bryce Wylde, B.Sc., DHMHS

Associate Medical Director at P3 Health; City TV Health Expert; Medical Advisor Dr. OZ show; Director “My Health” Report

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