Nutri-Body® Analysis

Nutri-Body® Analysis generates a computer report compiled from your client’s answers to over 600 questions on the Nutri-Body® Questionnaire.  This is THE most reliable way to assess your client’s unique biochemistry.

This analysis puts the results into priority sequence, letting you know which items require immediate attention and which are items to keep an eye on.  For each category where there is a specific imbalance, the report makes recommendations for improvement with diet and/or supplementation.  The report is printed in an easy-to-read color graph and text format. You can email the results to your client, or print them off to discuss at your next client session.

When you receive email notification indicating that your client has completed the Nutri-Body® Analysis, click on the client name and from the box on the right select DOWNLOAD ANALYSIS.  This will generate the report into a PDF file on your computer. Click to view a sample Nutri-Body® Questionnaire.

The initial cost is $98.00 plus HST. This includes one year subscription to Nutri-Body Analysis, 5 online questionnaires, and a copy of Accessing Biochemical Individuality in PDF.

The cost to renew the subscription to Nutri-Body® Analysis is $40 plus HST.